End Date for Submissions: March 31, 2014


Calling all artists! Sabakon is need of some great art for our badges, website, program, and various other graphics for the convention! We turn to you, our lovely artists, to help us bring life to the Sabakon mascots. This year, we are introducing two new mascots: Kai and Kane. They will be joining Chardonnei as official Sabakon mascots and will be featured in all future advertisements and graphics related to the convention. If you think you're up to the challenge, read on for rules and prizes.


Grand Prize: An Artist Alley Table at Sabakon 2014 & a Medal

1st Runner Up: 2 Passes to Sabakon 2014 & a Medal

2nd Runner Up: 2 Passes to Sabakon 2014 & a Medal

Mascot Art Contest

Submission Requirements

Art can be created in any medium but must be submitted as a digital format (take pictures or scan it in if it's done in a traditional medium).


Art must be a minimum size of 11in (w) x 17in (t) at 300dpi.


Art must be in full color. We will not accept black and white or single tone entries.


Art must show at least one Sabakon mascot.


Art must have a transparent or white background.


1. All artwork submitted must be the original work of the artist and must be newly made specifically for the art contest. We will not accept re-entries from last year.


2. Artwork is not required to have more than one mascot in it, however having multiple mascots in a piece may get some bonus points with the judges.


3. The judges for the art contest will be Dani, Katie and Kathy, all of whom are Fine Art majors at UNLV.


4. Artists may enter as many times as they'd like. Feel free to submit just one or two or three or more pieces!


5. All entries will become the property of Sabakon and may be used for future advertisements and graphics. We will not use any of the artwork on any items that we intend to sell -they will be strictly for promotional, marketing, and branding purposes.


6. Entries must be all-age friendly!


7. Submissions must be made by 11:59pm PST on March 31, 2014.


8. Winners will be announced and contacted in the first week of April.


9. Winners will be contacted via email, so be sure to look out for an email around April.


10. There is no age restriction for this contest -we want to see what everyone has to offer!

Submission Instructions

Email the following to dani@sabakon.com :





Don't forget to attach your submission in the email!

Tips & Advice From Dani

Artists who pay attention to the character descriptions can get a better idea of how the character should be portrayed. The surest way to impress Dani and Kathy is to get their personalities right.


Artists may play around with the character outfits a bit, as long as the character is still recognizable. Hair color, eye color, and general outfit should stay constant.


We have a great deal of art of Chardonnei, but not so much of Kai and Kane, so we'd love to see more art of our new mascots.


Kane is the tallest, Kai is the shortest, and Chardonnei is in between the two, though closer to Kane's height than Kai.






Chardonnei is our usual smiling face for Sabakon! She is a witch, though perhaps not quite so traditional. She's rather playful and mischievous, but also very kind and lighthearted. She is an active sort of person and very much enjoys learning new spells and potions to brew. Her hair is a violet color that matches her eyes as well. She always has her hat with her, as it is very precious to her.

Kai is one of our new mascots for Sabakon. Whatever she lacks in height she makes up for in aggression and general bad-assery. Kai is the leader of the trio, although she much prefers to sit in the shadows and work in the background of things. She is bold, brave, and often speaks her minds, which sometimes gets her in quite a bit trouble. She can be drawn with various weapons.

Kane is our first male mascot for Sabakon! He is rather quiet and reserved, often preferring to observe others. He is a very disciplined warrior with a seemingly cold attitude towards others. He is by no means welcoming or kind, but he would also not go out of his way to be rude to someone. He takes orders from nobody but Kai and keeps very few friends. He is, however a very loyal friend.