Sabakon welcomes the H Louge back this year by popular demand. Pull up a seat, play some 18+ games, read some 18+ manga, watch some comedy and relax. Be sure to bring a Photo ID!



Saturday 12pm - 12am

Sunday 12pm -12am

Monday 12pm - 5pm

Hentai Lounge 18+

Hentai Louge Guest

Dobutsu lounge

Welcome everyone, we are Dobutsu Lounge! We are late-night lounge group based out of Arizona. Created in 2013, Dobutsu Lounge is modeled after Japanese Hostess Club to provide a unique experience to attendees of our late night events. Come join us for a night of fun and entertainment with - games, drinks, and our talented ladies and gentlemen!!


Vamplette aka Collette is a cosplayer/artist based in Las Vegas who enjoys bringing characters to life! She cosplays mostly characters from video games with the occasional Anime characters. Her favorite video games to cosplay from is League of Legends, Overwatch, and Pokémon. Collette has been cosplaying since 2005 and continues to progress in her cosplay techniques and skills!


She enjoys meeting new people that have the same interests as her and helps others with any crafting questions they may have. "With each cosplay I create, my skills get better, I learn new techniques, and I learn from my mistakes from other costumes. I plan on seeing how far that will take me in the cosplay/prop making world." She says. "I have always been very creative since I was a little girl and this hobby is my favorite way of displaying that creativity that flows within."

Hentai Louge Guest

Anime Royal (18+)

It’s as if Anime and Vegas did the fusion dance for this fun event! Come play Blackjack, Texas hold ‘em poker, Roulette, and NEW game Craps in our Anime Royal casino room. Everyone gets their first set of chips for free, and it’s up to you to win your way to the top. Trade in you chips for some great prizes and walk away a champion. With Special Guest

Guess That Hentai (18+)

Compete against your fellow rival to prove who knows more about ecchi than anyone else. There will be steam, there will be naughty, and there will be all around eroge. Do you have what it takes to be king hentai?

Hentai Improv Game (18+)

Natural Hentai (18+)

A game to determine the perfect level of hentai. There are those who are closet hentais, and then there are those who are TOO hentai. In this game we strive to bring out the NATURAL HENTAI, someone who understands the hentai world and can easily flow with it or without it. Contestants will be chosen and quizzed on the flow of different animated hentais. The contestant will be given a scene/event in the hentai, followed by a question. The conestant will have to pick the correct answer from the choices given. Only the perfect score can determine who is a NATURAL HENTAI!

Panty Wearing Game (18+)

Ever wanted to see how many panties you can wear?.......ever
wanted to wear panties without judgment? You’re in luck! Come
join us for a game that’d be sure to satisfy your curiosity lol. In this
game you will compete against others to see who can fit the most
panties in a short period of time.

Come test your mettle and join us for our hentai improvisation game. Can you keep the sounds of the seduction and ecchi going to please the audience, or will you fail and drown in obscurity. Join us along with your fellow hentai enthusiasts and put on a great show to prove who’s got the stuff to be in a hentai

More games to come...

Hentai Lounge Exhibitors

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