Pokemon Pageant

Location: Main Hall

Time: Monday [11/20 ] from 3:00pm to 4:30pm


Want to be the master of all Pokemon and not just a Pokemon Master? Come and compete in Sabakon’s third annual Pokemon pageant, hosted by a few talented Pokemon Trainers. Show your battle skills, show your determination, show that you can catch them all….off guard and beat the competition!

Pageant Rules

1. No inappropriate costumes! Remember, this is still a family-friendly convention.


2. Only Pokemon cosplays/Pokemon gjinkas are allowed! (No Trainers)


3. Walk-ons are acceptable if there is space, but we will be caping the competition at a total of 12 Contestants


4. All talent performances must be appropriate for all ages.


5. Props may be used for the Pokemon battle, but contestants may not physically touch each other. This is for the safety of all contestants.


6. Remember to have fun!

Pageant Prizes

Pageant Segments


OUTFIT Contestants will walk up the stage and show us their outfits. (Think Toddlers in Tiaras or any other fashion runway event).



Contestants will show us their Pokemon talent by singing, dancing, flopping around, etc. Time limit is 2min. 30 sec.



Contestants will battle one-by-one as to see who the ultimate master is. Familiarity with a species' moves and creativity are what's being judged in this round.

Best In Show - Crown/ Special Pokemon Prize

2nd Place - Crown

Best Battler - Special Pokemon Prize

Pageant Judges


2014 Pageant Winner

Julisa + CatCat