Since our very first event in 2011, Sabakon has literally grown over 1000% attendance-wise. Our core staff, however, has only grown from 3 members to 8, so we are seeking new staffers for 2014. In order to create a great event, we need dedicated staffers who are willing to join our family and work with us to make Sabakon 2014 the best event we've ever held. If you are interested in becoming a staffer for Sabakon, please feel free to apply below for the position of your choice. If we feel you may be a good match for our team, we will contact you for an interview and we'll go from there.

What does being a staffer mean?

Being a staffer simply means being a part of the core staff for Sabakon. As a staffer, you will be required to know everything there is to know about your particular department, as well as most of the general information for the convention. You will be a representative of the convention and will be looked upon as a model for volunteers and a beacon for attendees. Being a staffer means possibly having to sit in a room with other staffers late at night because envelopes need to be stuffed. Being a staffer means being able to think on your feet and solve problems whenever they arise. Being a staffer means making sure the volunteers you are working with are able to work efficiently and comfortably. Being a staffer means being a part of the Hansha Studios family.

What are the requirements?

Most staffers are required to attend most monthly meetings for the convention. Meetings are usually held for 2-4 hours at various preselected locations.

Staffers must be present for all days of the convention.

Staffers must be willing to work with the rest of the staff. We are a team!

Staffers must abide by and enforce all rules and policies of Sabakon and the convention venue.

Staffers must provide their own transportation for the most part, however we may be able to provide a few rides here and there depending on location.

Staffers must be flexible and willing to do work outside of their own department.

Staffers must be at least 16 years of age or older (with the exception of Geb and Mike).

Current Open Positions

Day-Of Registration Director 

The Day-Of Registration Director is the head of day-of registrations, which is essentially the sale of tickets at the door. This Director will be in charge of overseeing the registration operations at the front of the convention and making sure that everything runs smoothly. This Director will also be responsible for making deposits at certain times of day and making sure there is enough change in the moneybox for registration to function well.


Audio/Video Technology Director

This Director will be in charge of all audio/video equipment including but not limited to the main hall sound system, various sound systems throughout the convention, the panel room projector, and any other audio/video technology present at the convention, not including the game room. This Director must have a thorough knowledge of the electronics that will be used and must be able to ensure that everything is working perfectly for the convention. Experience with audio/video electronics is a plus!


Head of Security

As Sabakon grows in attendees, the need for security also increases. We are seeking a candidate who is able to work under pressure, can handle stress efficiently, and can communicate with various team members regarding any potential security issues during the course of the convention. We would like a person who is confident and can take intiative, as well think well on their feet. The bulk of the work of this position is primarily during the convention, but we will need to meet up with the Head of Security at least twice before the convention to discuss protocols and policies that need to be adhered to.


Special Events Coordinator

We intend to have various special events running at Sabakon and are seeking an organized, punctual individual to be in charge of these events. The Coordinator will not necessarily be running these events, but they are vital to ensuring the success to each event. From ensuring that prizes are given to the correct event holders and that events are starting and ending on time, this person will be managing all logistics in relation with any special events including but not limited to Cosplay Chess, The Cafe, Name that Pokemon, and the Dragonball Scavenger Hunt.


Assistant Game Room Director

Our Game Room Director is seeking an assistant director to help with the running of Sabakon's game room. We would like a person who is familiar with various video games and tabletop games so that their experience can be used through the course of the convention. We are looking for a hardworking individual who can follow directions well and take initiative to ensure the success of the game room. 


Manga Library/Kpop Lounge Assisstant

2013 was our first year introducing a manga library to Sabakon. From the excellent feedback we received from it, we have decided to bring back the manga library for 2014, as well as expand it and merge with a Kpop lounge. We are seeking an organized, neat individual who is able to multitask and help with the running of the Manga Library/Kpop Lounge for the duration of the convention. This person will be responsible for ensuring that all manga are organized neatly on the shelf and that borrowers return any and all manga and magazines that they borrow. They will also be responsible for a few "special events" that will be held in the Manga Library/Kpop Lounge throughout the convention.