Swap Meet

Location: Festival Roof

Time: Friday [ 11/16 ] 5pm - 8pm

Swapmeet Applications for Sabakon 2018 are now FULL!

If you're looking for some well-loved anime/video game/pop culture goodies, the Sabakon swap meet is the place for you! Check out everyone's posters, manga, DVDs, figures, and more in this garage-sale setting. No Sabakon badge is required to browse -the swap meet room will be open to the public!

Swap Meet Rules

1. Weapons of any sort will not be allowed to be sold at the swap meet.


2. Any products that are rated 18+ are not allowed at the swap meet. This is a family friendly event, and there may be young children around, so please keep those things at home.


3. Sabakon LLC, Alexis Park Resort, and Hansha Studios will not interfere with any transactions done at the swap meet. None of these parties will force a seller to do a refund or lower the price of an item. Similarly, we will not force a buyer to return an item if the seller wants it back. Purchase/sell items at your own risk!


4. No outside food is allowed in the convention area at any time.


5. Sellers must be at least 16 years of age or older.


6. Sellers MUST sign up to participate as a seller in the swapmeet. You may not just walk in and set up your stuff to sell.


7. Spots are limited!


8. Swap meet sellers may begin to set up between 4:30pm and 5pm.


9. Swap meet sellers who do not arrive by 5:30pm may have their spot given away to someone else.


10. Always be respectful to both sellers and buyers.