Anime Bingo

Location: Festival Roof 

Time: Saturday, November 17 [ 4:30p - 5:30p ]


This isn't quite your grandma's bingo. Your favorite classroom game as a child has now gone anime-style in this fun game of characters. Play a game or two and you might even get a nice prize. Be sure to bring the entire family for this one -it's a great one for the whole family.

How to Play

1. There will be various types of bingo played, such as classic bingo, blackout, etc. More specific rules will be explained by the host at the convention.


2. Bingo boards are limited and are first come, first served. We ask that players offer their game board to another person after having played a round, so that others can have a chance.


3. Grab a board and place a marker on a character if his or her name is called by the game host. If you get "Bingo", yell it out and collect your prize.


4. Multiple bingos = multiple prizes. Players can win as many times as they'd like!


5. Please do not take the game boards and game pieces out of the bingo room. Also, reserving game boards is not allowed.


6. Feel free to help each other out if there are characters that someone is unfamiliar with. The game host will help players identify the characters on their board, so no worries if you're not at all familiar with a lot of the characters.


Various prizes