Dragon Ball Hunt

Location: Info Table

Time: Check-In any time the Info Table is open

Winners Announced Sunday 11/18 during Closing Ceremonies


The 7 Dragon Balls have been scattered around the convention and are just waiting to be found! Do you have what it takes to complete this epic game of hide-and-seek? Grab a few friends or go on this quest solo -perhaps you'll get lucky and get a wish from the Eternal Dragon.

How to Play

1. Dragon Balls will be hidden throughout the convention area. Your goal: to find them and take pictures of each of them. Use a cell phone camera, digital camera, or even take pictures on your iPad -anything that takes pictures is fine.


2. Leave the Dragon Balls wherever you found them to give others a chance to find them as well. Anyone caught taking a Dragon Ball will be disqualified from participating in this activity. 


3. Those who successfully find and take pictures of all 7 Dragon Balls will receive a Dragon Ball pin of their choice, as well as be entered to win some great grand prizes.


4. Group entries will not be accepted. Feel free to search for the Dragon Balls in groups, however each participant must take his or her own pictures of the separate Dragon Balls.

Grand Prizes

Prize Set 1: Full Set of Crystal Dragon Balls

Prize Set 2: Crystal 4 Star Ball

Prize Set 3: Crystal 4 Star Ball