DDR Competition

1st Place: Trophy + $100 Cash

2nd Place: Trophy + $50 Cash

3rd Place: Trophy + $25 Cash

Saturday, April 26 [ 2:00pm - 4:00pm ] Parthenon 5


We are very happy to announce that we will be bringing back the DDR competition this year for Sabakon! Thanks to Gemini Arcade, we will have a machine available for freeplay and for competition. If you've missed the DDR from Gemini, here's your chance to bring those memories back to life.

DDR Competition Rules

All final rounds will be single elimination.


The tournaments will be played on DDR 2013. Each Division will be played on only one machine. All Pads will be calibrated, tightened, etc. so that no division has an advantage over another. In each match, the player who is higher ranked will get to choose which side of the pad they want to play.



The tournament will be scored ONLY on Perfects, Greats, and OK freezes. Your score is equal to the sum of (perfectsx2) + (Greatsx1) +(Oks) = Score. Your combined computer score does not matter, only perfects, greats and OK Freezes (except where otherwise stated).


· If you press the button, not allowing the score of your song to be seen, you will automatically be given the loss for the song.


- Modifiers: Only Speed Modifier will be allowed


· No Nonstop Course or Oni Course will be used during this PA tournament.


· No entering the option screen to song check on a random song.


· If you are not preseent when your name is called, we will skip over your match once, and your match will be played at the end of the current rounds. If you are not present for the second time your name is called, you will automatically be disqualified without a refund.


· If you would like to set up a video camera please be sure to get there early to set up. Please there will be absolutely no FLASH photography during the matches.


Bar Grasping: Heavy Division will have a no Bar Grasping Rule. If you hold the bar gor more than 5 seconds total, you will automatically lose the song. However, if you lose your balance and only touch the bar once to keep from falling into your opponent, this will not be counted against you. You will receive a warning during the song if you grab the bar again and this will be counted against you.


No Disrupting Opponents: Please try not to flail your arms during the song. Doing so may hit the other player, and cause a distraction. If you are constantly hitting your opponent, you will automatically lose the song.


Heavy Event Rules: Songs must be played on Heavy Difficulty and NO ONI this tourney.


Scoring: We will be using the same two songs for each round. The songs will change during every Round, (i.e. two different songs for quarter finals, semi-finals, and different songs for finals). Since we are using the same two songs in each round, the Total Score = (Perfectsx2 + Greats + Okay Freezes) this will eliminate the Total No. of Steps Concern.


Qualifying Round:

· Each Player will play the same 2 songs. Best 8 total scorers advance to quarter finals..



· Quarter -Finals will be bracket style/single elimination.

· The 8 remaining people will be placed in brackets with the highest seed facing the lowest seed. ·


Seed pairing: 1 vs. 8, 2 vs. 7, 3 vs. 6, and 4 vs. 5

· The players will play same two songs with their score being the total number of (Perfectsx2 + Greats + OK Freezes), for both songs combined.

· The lower seed will will get the choice of side.

· The machine will be set on Event Mode and the machine will be set to two songs. That means that the 2nd round will be the ‘Final Stage’

· Top 4 Scoring Players move on to Finals – In case of a tie a Random song will be chosen as a tie breaker (Or alternative method).


Semi- Final Round:

· This is a double elimination format. The remaining four players will play 2 songs each.

· Example: 1 vs 4, and 2 vs 3…..winners advance to winners bracket. Losers continue dancing to one song…Winner of the losing bracket advances to the Final Round. Now winners in the winning bracket will compete to one song, winner stays in the winner’s bracket with no loses.


Final Round: · Final Round is double elimination/bracket style continuing from previous round. First game will be the winners of the losing bracket competition, top score of 2 songs combined will play in the last round, loser will take 3rd place. Winner of last round played (losing bracket) will compete against winner of the winners bracket. Best score taken from 2 out of 3 songs wins the event.