Exhibitor FAQ

What are breakfast tickets used for?

Breakfast will be served every morning in a specified panel room (to be emailed to vendors a week before the event) from 8:30am to 9:30am. A breakfast ticket must be used to enter the breakfast room and can only be used to enter the room once (no double entry allowed). Food may not be taken out of the breakfast room.

How many badges come with each booth/table?

Each booth/table comes with 2 exhibitor badges. If you purchase 2 booths, you will receive 4 exhibitor badges. If you purchase 3 booths, you will receive 6 exhibitor badges, and so on.

Is there an age restriction for Artist Alley or Dealer Booths?

All Artist Alley and Vendor Booth participants must be at least 16 years of age. H-Lounge vendors must be at least 18 years of age.

When can we set up/clean up?

Setup/Cleanup times are still being arranged for exhibitors. The exhibit hall director will email all participants the exact times once it has been decided. There will be a time for setup available the day before the convention. Cleanup must be done at the end of the last day of the convention.

Can I sell weapons/hentai?

Hentai may not be brought or displayed in the main Exhibit Hall. Exhibitors who are interested in selling 18+ items can do so in the Hentai Lounge (please see Hentai Lounge Exhibitor Info). 


Certain weapons can be sold with restrictions. Booth personnel must check I.D.s to ensure that only attendees who are 18+ can purchase and handle weapons. Weapons MUST be sold in sealed boxes (boxes may be built on the spot and sealed with tape). For more information regarding weapon sales, exhibitors may contact Diego Torres at [email protected].

Can I sell food?

Exhibitors will NOT be allowed to sell and/or give away any sort of food this year.

Will there be drapery?

There will be not be any drapery provided for this year's event.

How many booths can I purchase?

Vendors are limited to a maximum of 4 booths. Artists are limited to a maximum of 2 tables.

What about taxes?

All exhibitors will be provided with a one-time sales tax return that must be filled out and returned to the exhibitor information booth at the end of the convention.

Are there any restrictions on displays?

All displays must adhere to the Las Vegas fire code. Displays on table tops should be no higher than 6 feet above the table. Displays must be sturdy and may be inspected by Sabakon staff at any time to determine if they are safe to use. Booths/tables with unstable displays will be asked to take them down.

Will power be available?

Power is available for a $135 one-time fee for use throughout the weekend.

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