Fashion Show

This year's addition of Sabakon Fashion Show will feature up to 10 talented designers in all areas of geek fashion. 


Saturday 11.17 | Time TBD

Revd Up Geek Designs

Revd Up Geek Designs, featuring props from Picklebuckles, is an all-inclusive design store that features everything from various lolita style, comic book inspired looks, steampunk, and even cybergoth. Costumes always follow the rules of rarity to produce an original piece making sure not to skimp out on the Time Love and Couture each design deserves. Revd Up Geek now offers custom printed items including ties, shirt, skirts, and dresses. All the designs are imagined and created by the shops' owner, Brittany. The shop opened in 2014 and has been creating non-stop ever since.