Special Guests

 Xander Mobus

Xander Mobus is a voice over actor from LA. You might know his work from anime and video games including Persona 5 as The Protagonist, Super Smash Bros as Ren Amamiya, Street Fighter V, Soul Calibur VI, One Punch Man, Mob Psycho 100, Hunter x Hunter, Detective Pikachu, Erased, Boruto, Naruto, Rising of the Shield Hero, Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse, Fire Emblem Heroes, Fire Emblem Warriors, Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Beyblade Burst Turbo, B: The Beginning, Blue Exorcist and many more!


Akakioga Cosplay is an avid anime, video game, and comics lover, cosplaying anything the light touches. She loves sewing and working with worbla/eva foam to make armor! Being a huge Blizzard Entertainment fan, she has made her mark in the Overwatch community for her Orisa cosplay, appearing in the new Blizzard Cosplay: Tips Tricks and Hints book! And with her latest and greatest work, Confessor Paletress from Zach Fischer’s Project Ebon Blade in World of Warcraft, she continues to push herself, expanding her love of crafting to even more complex costumes!

King Kitsu

King Kitsu has been cosplaying for about five years now and loves the creative and entertaining side of cosplay. They believe that cosplay should be fun for all no matter what! Kitsu's specialties are sewing and creating a finished look under a lot of pressure. They try to speak up for what's right and create a better and more welcoming cosplay community for everyone to enjoy and be respected in.

See you all at Sabakon 2019!!!

Performing Guests 

Jekyll and the Villains

Jekyll and the Villains are a power metal band, rocking the classic 80-90’s vibe coming to Sabakon all the way from Japan! This performance will be a power combo of two J-rock bands. Featuring vocalist Jekyll and guitarist N★OTO, who perform in the band JEKYLL★RONOVE.  Combining power for their U.S. Sabakon performance, enters their bassist YOU! That’s right YOU, bringing his power from the band TOKYO SPANDIXXX


Together Jekyll and the Villains are bringing both of their own original song set list, as well as performing classic Anime covers songs, it’s going to be an explosive performance.


You can follow their feed on Twitter:

‪@Jekyll_Emc2 ‬

‪@Guitar_Naoto ‬



Decaying Tigers

The group creates their own original 8-Bit Music! Equipped with their instruments, GAMEBOYS, and program LSDJ; they take you through a rhythmic journey in the human cyberpunk experience. Catch their latest album Arcade Anarchy on Bandcamp! The Decaying Tigers will be opening up for the Late Night Rave Saturday night!