Something seems to have breached through Sabakon's defenses and has taken over the convention! This evil has spread to each little corner of the con. Our once peace-loving mascots have been overturned and a new order has been created. What will become of our friendly Vegas con? Bring your courage and come see for yourself!

The Villains are Coming!

Supreme Overlords

Con chairs? Oh no -not this year! Sabakon 2015 will be brought to you by the worst of the worst. Stay tuned to meet your new board of directors for this year's event.

For those of you who have attended previous Sabakons, you may notice there are a lot of new changes to this year's event. With the new rule of the Supreme Overlords, many of our beloved events are going to be run a bit differently. Fear not, though! As it is the 5th year anniversary of Sabakon, the Supreme Overlords have planned many special activities for all in attendance. They all eagerly await your arrival.

Other Changes?