Lolita Tea Party: Lolitas in Wonderland

Location: Ninja Room 1

Time: Saturday [ 8/20 ] from 1pm - 3pm


This event is SOLD OUT


The Las Vegas Lolitas present a special trip down the rabbit hole with their Lolitas in Wonderland tea party event. Have a grand time enjoying high tea with these classy ladies, and learn more about Lolita culture with an informative fashion show. Be prepared for games, food, and surprises at this celebration of Lolita fashion.

1. Although there is no strict dress code for the event, we encourage everyone to dress semi-formal for the duration of the event.


2. Food will be self-served or "buffet-style", but we do ask that guests be mindful of other guests and not waste any food or take a large amount of one particular type of food.


3. Tickets may be purchased during the con at the programming table, but we encourage purchasing tickets early as space is limited!


4. Children under 5 years of age who are attending with a parent do have to purchase a ticket to the event.


5. Guests must also have a Sabakon badge or wristband to attend the event (in addition to purchasing a ticket online).


6. After purchasing your ticket online, your name is automatically added to the guest list. You will need to bring an I.D. to check-in at the event.

Lolita Tea Party Rules


Price includes 1 seat and buffet food options for the duration of the event.