Marvel V Capcom III Tournament

1st - $50 + Trophy

2nd - $25 + Medal

3rd - $15 + Medal

1. No handicaps will be allowed.


2. Best of 3 Matches - Single elimination style


3. All characters will be available to use for the tournament.


4. All participants must use Sabakon game room controllers when participating in the tournament. The controllers will be regular Sony PS3 controllers (no joysticks).


5. 3 Matches - 99 Seconds per Match


6. Semi-Final and Final Rounds will be Best of 5 Matches


7. Participants who are more than 5 minutes late to your match's start time, you will have to forfeit the tournament.


8. No pausing will be allowed during the tournament and will subject the player to disqualification.


9. If, at any time, the console or tv, or controllers fail to function during a match, the match will be restarted.


10. If any other game glitches are discovered during the tournament giving a player an unfair advantage, the tournament commissioners have the right to ban using the glitch after the point at which it is discovered.


11. No sideline coaching is allowed. You may cheer or boo as the game progresses (in fact, you are encouraged to do so!), but you may not offer advice to anyone playing a game.


12. The stage of the first match will be determined with a coin toss. After that, the losing party will get to select the stages for the next match.

What's a game room without a few video game tournaments? And what's a video game tournament without Marvel Vs Capcom? Calling all elite fighting game players! This is your chance to prove yourself against other gamers of various talent. Do you have what it takes to walk away as our 2014 Marvel Vs Capcom III champion?