Name that Pokemon

Location: Chardonnei's Lounge (Festival Roof)

Time: All Day Each Day | Winners Announced at 6:30pm Daily (5:30pm on Sunday 11/18)


So, you think you know your Pokemon well? Think you're some sort of Pokemon master? Let's see if you have what it takes to figure out which Pokemon is which just by looking at their silhouettes. Perhaps we were a little too easy on you guys the last few years -we'll see if we can give you more of a challenge this year. Don't go cheating on us now!

How to Play

1. Find the "Name That Pokemon" table! The table will be in Chardonnei's Lounge area. It will have a variety of pokemon silhouettes on it -you can't miss it!


2. Figure out which pokemon the silhouettes represent. Can you guess them all?


3. Write your guesses on the slips of paper and pens that are provided on the table and place them in the buckets in front the corresponding silhouette. Write your name down as well!


4. Winners will be chosen by pulling out a correct answer from each bucket, thus each Pokemon will have one winner. There will be 5 Pokemon to guess from daily.


5. Winners will be announced daily at in Chardonnei's Lounge at 6:30pm or 5:30 on Sunday 11/18. Winners MUST be present to claim prizes, otherwise new winners will be selected.

Grand Prizes

Prize Sets: Various Prizes