Pokemon GO Tournament

Location: Programming Foyer

Time: Friday [ 8/19 ] from 12pm - 5pm | Signups from 12pm - 3pm

Prize Drawing: Friday @ 6pm


You already have Pokemon GO open anyway, so come and enjoy a fun tournament on Day 1 of Sabakon! Collect Pokemon, walk around the con, and collect points to see if you are the #1 Pokemon GO Player at Sabakon!

Tournament Rules

1) The competition is open to all attendees of Sabakon.

2) Participants must have a legal version of Pokemon Go as released from Niantic Labs.

3) Participants may not be use any third party apps.

4) Sabakon shall run a tournament check in desk to help facilitate the competition.

5) Participants at any time the check in desk is open may check in to the competition.

6) Participants shall at time of check in have their Jogger and Collector stats recorded.

7) Once checked in the participant has 2 hours to jog as many kilometers and collect as many Pokémon as they can.

8) At the end of their 2 hours the participant shall return to the check in desk and have their

Jogger and Collector stats recorded.

9) Any participant that goes over the 2 hour limit will be disqualified.

10) The ranking of each participant is based on the differential from stats from start to finish.

11) The winners must be present to claim their prize.

1st Place - Pikachu Socks + 1 Eeveelution Figure

2nd Place - Pikachu Socks + 1 Eeveelution Figure

3rd Place - Pikachu Socks + 1 Eeveelution Figure

Pokemon GO Prizes