Press Registration

Press Registration for Sabakon 2019 is Here !


Press registration is available for all who work in the media industry who wish to experience and cover Sabakon in some form of media. It includes the same access as a 3-day badge, and allows for those who work in the press/media industry to enjoy Sabakon. Press/Media registration also allows access to convention guests, staffers, etc. for private sessions for scheduled interviews of guests/staff, so long as the interview is scheduled and approved beforehand.

Press Registration Qualifications

Examples of positions that qualify for industry registration:

Photographers, assistants, etc. from an established photography studio/company/business. All studios/companies are required to have a proper website (we do not accept Facebook or Instagram accounts as those are not professional).

Journalists, Writers, Bloggers, etc. who are covering Sabakon for an established newspaper/blog/etc. All newspapers/blogs/etc. are required to have a proper website (we do not accept social media accounts as those are not professional). Youtube Content Creators may submit their YouTube Channel in lieu of a website, but the channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers to qualify.


Industry Registration requirements:

1 Business Card with your name, company name, and position

1 Example of previous media work (article for journalists, gallery for photographers, blog post for bloggers, etc.)


Photography Guidelines

Press/Media members must always ask for permission before taking an attendee or a guest's photograph. If the attendee is a minor, press/media members must ask permission from a parent, guardian, or chaperone. Taking photographs or filming panels is allowed with the approval of panelists and Sabakon staff. 


Interview Guidelines

Press/media members must schedule interviews beforehand with any desired guests/staffers/etc. to ensure that the time and date are agreeable to both parties. Press/media members must contact Jon and [email protected] to schedule any interviews with Sabakon guests during the convention.