Sabakon's new Supreme Overlords have requested that a rave be held to encourage loose, energetic fun to balance the formal ball! This year's rave will be DJ'd by the talented Von Hutch!

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Rave [ 18+ ]

Location: Main Hall

Time: Saturday | 10p - 1a

1. We do not tolerate general rowdiness, rudeness, drunkenness and disrespect toward any attendees, hotel staff, convention staff, or anybody at the rave. Please be respectful toward each other!


2. Outside drinks may not be brought into the rave, but drinks purchased at the Pegasus bar across the hall may be brought in.


3. Although there is technically no dress code, we ask that all in attendance cover all private parts at the least. 


4. Rave attendees must be 18 years of age or older. Anyone younger who attempts to sneak into the rave will be asked to leave.


5. Shoes are required! All attendees must wear something on their feet -sandals (not recommended), socks (not recommended), and such are fine as long as there is something between the bottom of your foot and the floor.


6. Cosplay is allowed and encouraged!


7. We ask that all attendees respect the DJ's. Some DJ's may not take song requests or genre requests.


8. No outside food may be brought to the rave.

Rave Rules