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Winning Team
 Various Gundam Merchandise + Trophy

Build A Gundam

Yes, you heard right: We want you to build us a gundam. Now, we know that isn't exactly an easy task, so we'll even let you team up with some of your best buddies and maybe even a few strangers to complete this project. If you succeed, you will be showered with surely receive fame, glory, and a trophy to top it off!


1. Two teams will compete against one another to build a gundam following our exact instructions. The winning team is the team that successfully completes their gundam first.

2. Gundams will already be premade and cut up into parts. It is the team's job to put the parts together to build their gundam. (Think 3D puzzle)

3. Each team will be making a different gundam, to prevent them from copying each other.

4. Each team will be provided with a picture of what the completed gundam should look like. The finished product must look exactly like the picture, otherwise it will not be considered complete.

5. Gundam pieces may not be altered in any way. (After all, you wouldn't cut up puzzle pieces, would you?)

6. Teams may consist of up to 5 players and must have a minimum of 3 to compete.