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Step right up ladies -we're looking for AD Sabakon's next Miss Fairy Tail Winner! Could it be you? Competitors will compete in 4 different rounds to show off their talents and beauty to the judges and the crowd. The winner of the Miss Fairy Tail Contest will walk away with a dazzling tiara, and a lifetime pass to all future Sabakon conventions as a guest of honor. 
Miss Fairy Tail Winner
  Miss Fairy Tail Tiara + Bouquet of Flowers + Lifetime Pass to All Future Sabakon Conventions
 Miss Fairy Tail Runner Up 1
 Miss Fairy Tail Runner Up Tiara + Bouquet of Flowers
Miss Fairy Tail Runner Up 2
 Miss Fairy Tail Runner Up Tiara + Bouquet of Flowers
Contest Rounds
Casual Outfit
Contestants will show model a casual outfit of their choice for their selected character.
Contestants will show off their skills in a performance that may last up to 6 minutes.
Quick Response
Contestants will be asked to answer 3 random prewritten questions from the host and 2 questions from the audience.
Formal Outfit
Contestants will model a formal outfit of their choice. Outfit should consist of some sort of dress.
Contestants will be given a separate score between 1-10 for each round of the contest. Contestants will also receive a score based on audience support at the end of the competition (Contestant with the most audience votes gets 10 points, the next contestant would get 9 points, and so on and so forth). There will be a total 50 points available which will be doubled to total the complete score. The contestant with the highest score will be named Miss Fairy Tail 2013. The trailing 2 contestants with the highest scores will win the honor of being Miss Fairy Tail Runner Up 1 and 2.
Contest Rules
1. All contestants must be Fairy Tail characters! That being said, contestants may select any female from the Fairy Tail anime, regardless of whether she is in the actual Fairy Tail guild or not. For example, Ultear may compete in the contest even though she is not a Fairy Tail wizard.

2. Doubles/triples/etc. are allowed in this contest. The same character names will be used with an added number at the end to identify each contestant

3. Outfits do not need to be handmade to participate in the Miss Fairy Tail contest. Handmade outfits, however, will receive an extra 3 points for each outfit category (3 extra points for casual and 3 extra points for formal). Partially handmade outfits will receive only 2 extra points (outfits made by purchasing and editing existing clothing instead of making outfits from scratch). Thus, non-handmade outfits can only receive up to 7 points in each outfit category.

4. Performances for the talent round must be approved beforehand by the host. Any music or any other requirements must be received at least a week before the convention. This includes music!

5. All outfits, responses, performances, and general behavior of contestants must be appropriate for all ages!

6. Only female Fairy Tail characters may enter, however males are welcome to enter the contest as female characters.

7. We reserve the right to revoke the Lifetime Convention pass if the holder fails to abide by convention rules. Lifetime pass may not be transferred to any other individual.

9. Formal outfits do not have to be from the anime. Contestants are free to choose from any formal outfits shown in the anime, however since not all characters are shown with formal outfits, being true to the anime is not require for this round

10. Casual outfits must be true to the anime, however contestants may select whichever casual outfit they'd prefer to use. For example, most of Erza's requips would be eligible for this round.

Miss Fairy Tail Entry Form

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