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General Convention Rules

1. Masks, steel/wooden weapons, and firearms are not allowed at the convention for security purposes. Please keep these at home. Any props brought may be inspected by convention or hotel security at any time and may be confiscated if they do not abide by this rule.

2. Large props and generally large cosplays tend to block hallways, so please be aware not to prevent the general flow of traffic if you intend to bring either of these. Cosplays that cannot fit through a regular sized door are not allowed.

3. All cosplays and general attire must be PG-13 appropriate.

4. Please respect the wishes of exhibitors who DO NOT want pictures of their products taken.

5. It's generally polite to ask before you take a picture of someone.

6. Please DO NOT take any of the decor or anything that belongs to the convention. Those who fail to abide by this rule will be subject to expulsion from the casino and future events hosted by Hansha Studios.

7. Respect everybody, including staff, other attendees, exhibitors, etc. If there is a problem, please ask a staff member for assistance. 

8. Badge trading is not allowed and will result in expulsion from the convention.

9. Signs are acceptable as long as they are PG-13.

10. Please be respectful of all panelists and do not disrupt their panels. You're free to enter and leave as you please during panels, however do not make a big scene or disruption during a panel.

11. Do not block any doorways or isles! Pictures can be taken by the walls. You can stop to look at your program guide by the walls. Chat with your buddies while you walk or near the walls. There's no reason to be stopping traffic in the middle of the hallway -it's very rude to all the other attendees.

12. Consumption of alcohol and smoking will not be allowed in the convention area. Please keep that in the casino area.

13. All children 13 years of age or under MUST be accompanied by someone at least 16 years of age or older. We are not responsible for watching over unattended children and we want to make sure any young ones are safe and with a responsible party.

14. Attendees are responsible for their own personal belongings. We do not have a checkin for large or heavy bags, so keep that in mind when deciding what to bring with you.