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Dani Gamutan

President / Registration Director

The only one crazy enough to lead this group, Dani is the general head of the convention itself. From arranging staff meetings to scoping out venues to planning out special events, she has a hand in every aspect of the convention. She is also in charge of registration, as well as taking care of the convention bills and various expenses.

Katie Short

Vice President / Exhibit Hall Director

Katie's general responsibilities include answering Dani's phone calls in the middle of the night, making sure Jose is being productive, and ensuring that all volunteers stay hydrated through the convention. Most importantly, she takes care of exhibitor registration so that all attendees may be free to enjoy the exhibit hall throughout the day.

Kathy Davis

Host Club Director / Special Projects Director

As a professional Whovian and wedding chapel worker, Kathy was the perfect choice to be our cafe director. She is involved in all aspects of the cafe, from selecting only the finest quality hosts to taking reservations. Aside from the cafe, her other responsibilities include inserting Dr. Who references into conversations, scolding attendees who don't observe convention rules, and ensuring the safety of all animals within a 5 mile radius.

Jose Torres

Operations Director / Volunteer Manager

Our general behind-the-scenes guy, Jose does most of the running around throughout the convention. Whether it's chairs that need to be added, tables that need to be put away, or prizes that need to be distributed, he's the guy to call. Jose also supervises and recruits volunteers for the convention.  

Viet Le

Game Room Director / Public Relations Head

The self proclaimed King of the Game Room, Viet is in charge of all things related to the Game Room. When it comes to hosting the most exciting game tournaments or TCG tournaments in town, he's your man. He is also in charge of public relations, which involves getting the community involved in the convention.

Derek Sexton

Master of Ceremonies

Our suave, debonair Master of Ceremonies, Derek will be hosting many of our larger events, such as the Masquerade and the Miss Fairy Tail contest. His responsibilities include sweeping the ladies off their feet, bringing out the inner geek in all our attendees, and being the best host you've ever seen at an anime convention.

Michael Gamutan

Assistant Operations Director

The assistant to the operations Director, Michael makes sure that the line of communication between all staff members is open throughout the convention. He goes from one area to the other, assisting in various tasks as needed.

Gebrel Gamutan

Assitant Exhibit Hall Director

Also known as "mini" Dani, Geb assists Katie with the exhibit hall to ensure that all vendors have everything they need. She also works as the main seller at the Hansha Studios table within the exhibit hall.