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DragonBall Scavenger Hunt

A full set of Dragon Balls

Well, we heard last year that we made the DragonBall scavenger hunt too easy, so you can bet that we're going to make it a little harder for you this year. The balls will be smaller and hidden in better areas, so you'll need to step up your game. Also, we've got a little hint for you guys: Don't tell others where you found them! The more people that find them all, the less of a chance you have of winning the final raffle prize of a full set of Dragon Balls. 


1. Paper Dragon Balls will be hidden throughout the convention area. Your goal: to find them and take pictures of each of them.

2. Please leave the Dragon Balls wherever you found them to give others a chance to find them as well. Anyone caught taking a Dragon Ball will be disqualified from participating in this activity.

3. Those who successfully find and take pictures of all 7 Dragon balls will receive a DragonBall pin of their choice, as well as be entered to win the grand prize of a full set of Dragon Balls.

4. Group entries will not be accepted. Feel free to search for the Dragon Balls in groups, however each participant must take his or her own pictures of the separate Dragon Balls.