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Free Ninjas V. Shinigami posters will be given away at the end of the debate. Quantities are very limited!

Ninjas V. Shinigami

Calling all Bleach lovers! Calling all Naruto lovers! Come defend your preferred anime by answering: Who is better - Ninjas or Shinigami? Who's got better weapons? Who's more powerful? Who wears the coolest clothing? All very important questions in determining which of these two types of warriors is better. The room will be divided so be prepared to sit in the section that you support. Bring your armour, ladies and gentlemen: this is war!


1. Please refrain from obscenity. Remember that this is a family friendly event and young children may be present.

2. Please feel free to participate in the debate, however respect others while they are speaking and try not to interrupt them.

3. This debate is in the spirit of fun and while we encourage all audience members to participate and get really into it. However, do not target any specific people in your arguments and please do not make this personal. Also, please respect the opinions of others.

4. Participants will be called upon by the debate host. Please wait until you're called upon before you make your argument -and please respect those who are already speaking.

5. Again, please respect everybody, including the debate host!