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Find My Partner

Come join us for this fun game to see if you can find your partner! All players will be given an anime character, whose name will be taped on their back. By asking other players yes or no questions, players must try to figure out who they are. Players who figure out what characters they are must then try to find that character's partner. For example, if one person finds out that she is Princess Peach, she must then try to find Mario. The first couple to find each other wins!


1. Players may only ask yes or no questions.

2. Players may not tell other players who they are. Everyone but you can see who you are by looking at the name on your back. Please don't ruin the game by deliberately telling someone who they are.

3. Once the game begins, players must play it through the end. It's not fair to let your partner search in vain!

4. Partners will be posted in the panel room, so there will be no confusion.