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$15 Full Weekend Pass Special! 3 DAYS ONLY! { 11.27.12 }

For the next 3 days, we will be offering a SPECIAL price on our full weekend preregistrations. For only $15, you can enjoy 2 full days of Japanese, anime, and general asian fun at AD Sabakon 2013! Get your tickets while you can! Forget Christmas shopping for your anime loving friends: Give them the gift of a great convention experience!

Richie Branson Confirmed! { 11.16.12 }

We are very excited to announce Richie Branson as a musical guest for AD Sabakon 2013! Richie is a very talented musician who will be performing a special concert during the convention. Be sure to check him out!

Exhibit Hall Extended! { 11.5.12 }

After selling out the entire exhibit hall at the end of October, we've decided to extend the exhibit hall so that we can accommodate more vendors for everyone to enjoy! Dealer booths and Artist alley tables are going quick, so if you're interested and you missed out on getting a booth, here's your chance!

Todd Haberkorn Confirmed! { 9.28.12 }

We are very excited to announce that Mr. Todd Haberkorn will be joining us for AD Sabakon 2013! He voices Hikaru from Ouran High School Host Club, Allen Walker from D. Gray-man, Italy from Hetalia, and many more popular anime characters. Be sure to come meet him in April, and don't forget to bring something for him to sign ;]

Mascot Art Contest Winners: Kalika Thornton, Daniel Blodgett, Azalia! { 9.16.12 }

The Mascot Art Contest winners for this year have been decided! Congratulations to all three artists, and thank you to all artists who entered. Every single entry was great, and we truly loved seeing you guys draw our Chardonnei. You can bet that we'll be doing another one for next year. Again, thanks everyone for the support and be sure to congratulate the artists!

Tiffany Grant, Jessica Straus, and Registration -Oh my! { 7.13.12 }

We have confirmed Tiffany Grant and Jessica Straus as guests for AD Sabakon 2013! Also, we have the prices and dates up for attendee and exhibitor registration. Preregistration doesn't begin until September, so there's plenty of time to save up -we've also got pretty great early preregistration prices that will keep your wallet happy so that you can worry more about what fun panels and events to attend during the con rather than how to pay for the con.

Anime Day Vegas is now Anime Days: Sabakon, or AD Sabakon for short { 7.5.12 }

Seeing as Anime Day will no longer be just a day long, we figured it was time for name change. Thus, we had a contest on our FB page, asking for suggestions from our many followers and fans. Thanks to  らいぢ はな, we've decided to make Sabakon our new con name! Sabakon = desert convention, which is pretty appropriate considering our location. To avoid any confusion, we will be calling the con Anime Days: Sabakon for this first year, and next year we will be dropping the "Anime Days" completely. 

Thanks to everyone who suggest a name -you guys came up with some great ones. We still have many announcements to come in the following weeks, so we hope you guys haven't tuned out quite yet ;]

Anime Day Vegas 2013 Will Be At Texas Station! { 6.29.12 }

It's Friday, so here's our promised announcement :)
Anime Day Vegas 2013 is going to be at Texas Station from April 20, 2013 to April 21, 2013. Hotel room rates have been posted, so feel free to make reservations at any time until the 20th of March. Registration for the con will be opened in the coming weeks.