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Grand Raffle Prize
 Zombie Survival Kit + High School of the Dead DVD
 Bonus Prizes
 Various Zombie Merchandise

Zombie Hunt

WARNING! WARNING! We've just recieved word that there may be a zombie infestation at AD Sabakon on Sunday! Please be cautious around these creatures and make sure not to get too close. For those of you brave enough to face the undead, can you save us?


1. There will be 8 zombies roaming around the convention on Sunday. Your goal is to destroy all zombies, thus saving the world.

2. To "kill" a zombie, simply walk up to it and request a "battle". The zombie will then ask you to answer a multiple choice scenario-based question. Answer correctly and you will be successful in defeating your zombie and will thus gain a "kill card". Answer incorrectly and the zombie has defeated you!

3. If you answer incorrectly, you may try again as many times as you'd like, however each attempt must be at least an hour later. Perhaps you could try to get other zombies during your hour wait?

4. To complete the zombie hunt, collect all 8 "kill cards" and turn them in at the Zombie Hunt check-in. The check-in table will only be open for 2 hours toward the end of the day, however the zombies will be around all day, so feel free to start collecting "kill cards" as early as you'd like.

5. There are certain instances where you CAN NOT request a battle. If a Zombie is in the restroom, you may not request a battle (common courtsey to our zombie friends). If a Zombie is in charge of an event or a panel (for example some of our staff will be zombies), you may not request a battle during the event or panel. If a Zombie is in the middle of another battle, you may not request a battle (that would be kind of rude, yes?). If a zombie just died from a battle, it will need at least 10 minutes to "ressurect" before being able to engage in another battle.

6. If a zombie refuses to battle for any reason, please respect that decision (sometimes they're on their way to the bathroom or are running late for a panel).

7. Each zombie has a different "kill card", and will only give out one "kill card" per person.

8. Please do not harass the zombies. Feel free to stalk them from a distance, but do not touch them or block their path. You're also free to follow them around as long as, again, you do not prevent them from going where they need to go.

9. Zombies will wear a sign around their neck saying "currently resurrecting" for 10 minutes when they are in the process of resurrecting themselves (after being defeated). You may not request a battle with a Zombie during this time.

10. All those victorious in slaying all the zombies will be entered into the grand prize raffle, the winner of which will be announced during the Ending Ceremony. Victorious zombie slayers will also be entered to win smaller raffle prizes that include various zombie-related merchandise.